Why Solar Power the RIGHT Solution

From Devastation Comes Hope

90 percent of the island's 3.5 million residents remain without power and it is unknown if the electric grid as we know it will ever be restored. The sheer magnitude of the destruction has cleared the slate for re-imagination how the future grid should look.

Why not rebuild the island with a solar powered micro grid converting Puerto Rico into a beacon to the world! 

Here are the facts -

Solar is resilient and reliable and can be implemented immediately.

Solar is particularly powerful in Puerto Rico because we can begin to power homes and businesses before the island is able to rebuild its electric grid.

Puerto Rico has historically paid exorbitant electric rates, in fact they pay 2nd to highest rates in the nation!

Puerto Rico is an island blessed with an abundance of sunshine. San Juan receives over 1500 of sun hours distributed evenly throughout the year.

Bottom line... the conditions in Puerto Rico are ideal for major solar deployment. With a little bit of foresight and ingenuity we can bring power back to the people. 

We are hopeful and excited to be apart of the solution!